Frequency Name Channel
121.700 O.R. Tambo Clearance Delivery FAOR_DEL
122.650 O.R. Tambo Apron FAOR_A_GND
121.900 O.R. Tambo Ground FAOR_GND
118.100 O.R. Tambo Tower FAOR_TWR
121.400 Johannesburg Director FAOR_F_APP
124.500 Johannesburg Radar FAOR_APP


Stand Assignment

F1 – F7Domestic/International Remote Stands, typically used for larger aircraft

Stands Description
A1R – A8 International Stands with Jetways
A9 – A13 Domestic Stands with Jetways
B1 – B13 Domestic/International Stands
C1 – C8 Domestic Stands with Jetways
C9 – C24 Domestic/International Stands, utilised for smaller commercial aircraft
D1 – D50 Domestic/International Remote Stands
E1 – E13 International Stands with Jetways, typically used for larger aircraft





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Ray Smith




Local ATC Procedures


Johannesburg has 2 main runways, namely 03L/21R and 03R/21L. The runway dedicated to departures is RWY 03L/21R (available for arrivals depending on the controllers workload), RWY 03R/21L is the dedicated arrival runway. All runways have ILS capabilities.

Radio Check

Report callsign, “radio check” and the frequency being called.

“ZS-ABC, radio check on 121.7”

Request IFR Clearance

Report callsign, stand number, latest ATIS identifier then:

“request clearance to XXXX as filed, FLXXX on request.”


The rest is standard and unnecessary . Procedures sourced from the VATSAF IFR Tutorial.