Your interest in joining us is greatly appreciated!

To become a member of ACCSAF, you will first need to ensure your VATSIM account is setup properly.

First step is to determine your accounts current region, to do that click here. Enter your VATSIM ID and click lookup. Should your region/division be set as “Africa/Middle East – Southern Africa” then you are already a member of ACCSAF.

If your division was not set as described then please go to the VATSIM Division Deployment by clicking here. Then follow the instructions and set up your profile to ensure¬†your region/division will be set as “Africa/Middle East – Southern Africa”. If you discover you are already in a division and unable to change, you will need to get in contact with them to resolve the issue. If need be you may email the necessary ACCSAF staff.


Please take note that ACCSAF utilises an HQ system to assist with managing members. Please ensure that you are registered on the HQ by clicking here.