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Welcome to the South Africa vACC! We are the facility organising virtual aviation in the Republic of South Africa (and by extension Lesotho & Swaziland). South Africa presents a unique and exciting landscape for virtual aviators, offering a variety of ports & airspace – with bustling international ports such as Johannesburg’s O.R. Tambo, remote isolated fields like Upington, and our oceanic airspace which covers a large part of the South Atlantic & Indian Oceans and a quarter of Antarctica… So what are you waiting for? Get online!

Get on the HQ

We utilise the VATAME HQ system for coordinating operations. Please ensure you register on it!


Hop onto Discord and socialise with our members! There's lots to learn from our diverse community.


We offer ATC & pilot training to all our members. To find out more, check out our training department.

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Vacant  (ACCSAF 1)

E-Mail: accsaf1@accsaf.co.za

Nico de Lange (ACCSAF 2)

E-Mail: accsaf2@accsaf.co.za

ATC Training Director

Nelis Coetzee (ACCSAF 3)

E-Mail:  accsaf3@accsaf.co.za

Events and Marketing Director

Warren Smith (ACCSAF 6)

E-Mail:  accsaf6@accsaf.co.za

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